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Duplex board, manufacturers

Duplex board, manufacturers

Duplex Board With Grey Back, Duplex Board With White Back, Folding Box Board, Ivory Board, FBB manufacturer, supplier in China.


Duplex Board, Manufacturers

  • Specifications:

    • Duplex board

    • Subs range: 230-500gsm

    • Grade: A, AA, AAA

    • Super stiffness and coating

    • Suitable for 4/6/8 colors high speed printing

    • One and two sides coated

Coated Duplex Board Gray Back Paper Board With Grey Back or White Back Advantages:

* Duplex paper board widely used for printing and package for toy, wine, shoe boxes, 

   tissue box and express bag etc.

* Duplex paper board support for carton lamination and die-cutting.

* Strong stiffness and folding resistance, good printing ink absorbency and further    

   processed, with reliable and stable quality.

High surface intensity suitable for any kind famous brand of high-speed 4/6/8 colors

   offset printing HEIDELBERG, ROLAND, LITHRONE.

Welcome to get one of the best duplex board, manufacturers brands products free sample from and check its price with our company, which is one of the competitive Duplex Board Grey Back manufacturers and suppliers in China.

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