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What is Light Weight Coated Paper Board ?

Hangzhou Gerson Paper Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 23, 2016

What is Light Weight Coated Paper Board ? 

LWC (Light Weight Coated Paper) is a low amount of coating is not necessarily low quantitative coated paper, referred to as LWC. 

Generally having a basis weight of 50 to 120 grams / square-sided. Reportedly, lightweight coated paper was originally a Finnish paper mills have developed out. 

The original goal was a kind of want to engage in certain characteristics of coated paper, but the price is cheaper printing paper grades, it is taken to the feed to add some mechanical pulp, through a cost reduction, and named LWC (translation of LWC or LWC). 

Uses and specifications higher quantitative LWC paper is mainly used as a low-grade coated paper, such as printing books, picture card, and so on. Lower quantitative LWC is used for printing journals, general product advertising, brochures and the like. Currently, LWC paper for domestic use is not a lot, by the middle of LWC mainly exported to Japan and Southeast Asia.

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