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Paper Sheets Cutter

Paper Sheets Cutter

Series Hob Type Servo-driven Computer Paper Cutter is an economy paper cutter which is developed by our company integrating the advanced technology at home and abroad, hence an innovation and perfection product. This machine is driven by AC servo motor Motion controller made in UK is equipped and of quick and stable paper cutting. It is equipped with German precision bearing and cutter, hence a high cutting precision and long service life. The gentle-touch PLC interface is fine and convenient. The rational designed recurvate frame can guarantee flatness to paper. It keeps ahead in other similar processing machines of paper article and printing industries, so it will improve your production efficiency in duplication and raise your productivity and benefit.


Paper Sheets Cutter

HSC   web cutting machine apply the advanced technique of Taiwan and Britain, 
The   machine is transmitted by servo motor. 
The   speed of cutting paper is fast and stable. 
Germany   precise bear and cutting knife assure the high cutting precision. 
Touch   screen computer interface control, simple operation, reasonable structure,   anti-music stands, to ensure smooth paper. 
This   machine is the paper processing machine which is very popular in the paper   making and printing industry and will improve the efficiency and benefit for   your company to a large extent.
※The content of standard   configuration
1.   High-precision single knife cutting machine
2.   Auto Prismatic adjustment system for paper 
3.   Middle slitting and waste collection paper system  
4.   Automatic counting and label inserting equipment  (count marking )
5.   Paper transporting equipment
6.   Automatic paper trimming and collecting machine     
7.   Electrical controlling system 
8.   Driving motor 
9.   Accessory
10.   Single lime pneumatic shaft paper rack (roll stand )

※Main Technical Parameter:
※Main Technical Parameter:
1.   Measurement of the machine: 10000*2800*2400mm ;
2.   Weight: 12000kg/ 
3.   Max Speed: 300cuts/min
4.   Voltage: 380V, 28kw, 3Phase
5.   Packing size: 4000*2260*2320 /2180mm*1430mm*2150mm/3800*1580*2320   /2580mm*2030mm*2450mm/4500*450*100 /4500*450*100  2400*900*900/2400*900*900 /40HQ   Container/ 
6.   Reference weight of cutting paper :50-550g
7.   Cutting accuracy : +- 0.3mm
8   Cutting length: 430-1450mm
9.   Maximum scroll diameter : 1800mm max 
10.   Maximum paper cutting width : 1400mm
11.   The format of slitting 1 sheet
12.   Max cutting mater speed :300m/min
13.   Air pressure source requirements:0.8Mpa 
14.   Output:Actual yield based on the paper texture, paper   weight, cutting length, volume, number, 
operator   technical paper, operations .
15.   Cutter maximum load :Single card paper - 500gsm must   consider the density and quality

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